Prevent Interview No Shows in the Care Industry

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In the care sector, no-shows to interviews can be a frustrating and time-consuming problem.

Employers invest time and resources into scheduling and preparing for interviews, only to have candidates fail to show up. Fortunately, there are some effective strategies to reduce the likelihood of no-shows. Here are four tips to help you avoid no-shows to interviews in the care sector.

Confirm the interview

Send the candidate a confirmation email or text message a day or two before the scheduled interview. This will help ensure that the candidate remembers the interview and reduces the likelihood of them forgetting or double-booking themselves.

Provide clear instructions

When scheduling the interview, provide clear instructions on how to get to the interview location and what to expect during the interview. This will help the candidate feel more comfortable and confident, reducing the likelihood of them cancelling or not showing up.

Make the interview convenient

Consider scheduling the interview at a convenient time and location for the candidate. For example, offer flexible scheduling options or the ability to conduct the interview via video call. This can help make the interview process less stressful for the candidate, reducing the likelihood of them cancelling or not showing up.

Keep in touch

Maintain contact with the candidate in the lead-up to the interview. This can help build rapport and establish trust, making it more likely that the candidate will attend the interview. Additionally, following up after the interview can help reinforce the candidate’s interest in the position and reduce the likelihood of them withdrawing their application or accepting a job offer elsewhere.

By following these four tips, you can reduce the likelihood of no-shows to interviews in the care sector, saving time and resources and increasing your chances of hiring the right candidate for the job.


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