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Finding Customers Through Digital.

We know that a lot of agencies understand the tools that can be used to market any business such as Google Ads, Meta, SEO , and the rest. However, as leading experts in the Care Sector, we can provide a robust customer acquisition strategy that attracts new customers.

Customer acquisition is not just about increasing the number of customers; it’s about attracting the right type of customers. Our services are designed to align with your key business objectives, designing a strategic approach that goes beyond traditional and conventional methods.

How we get results

Data-Driven Targeting

We use our in-house data analysis tools to pinpoint demographics, behaviours, and preferences, allowing for detailed targeting that maximises your marketing ROI and market opportunities.

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How we get results

Multi-Channel Marketing

We implement a variety of digital tactics to your campaign with a comprehensive mix of multi-channel marketing… from Social Media, Video, SEO and Paid Advertising, we create a cohesive strategy that profiles and targets your desired audience increasing brand visibility, engagement and retention.

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How we get results

Optimising for Conversion

Conversion Rate Optimisation is a practice to enhance a users website experience, personalised customer journeys and the their ability to convert. Our suggested website improvements from A/B testing, Call-to-Action methods, page layout and more aim to fine-tune every touchpoint to guide potential customers seamlessly through the conversion funnel.

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So Why Healthcare 92?

In-depth Understanding of Healthcare Industry Dynamics

As industry leaders and frontrunners in marketing within the care sector, our agency possesses a deep understanding of the unique dynamics, regulations, and challenges inherent to the healthcare industry. This specialised knowledge allows us to develop highly targeted and effective customer acquisition campaigns that resonate with people looking for / needing care.

Proven Track
Record of

With a history of successful recruitment and customer acquisition campaigns for healthcare businesses, our agency boasts a proven track record of delivering tangible results. Our awards and past successes demonstrate our ability to generate quality leads, increase brand visibility, and drive conversions, ultimately helping care businesses grow and thrive in a competitive market.

Tailored Strategies for
Different Healthcare Specialties

We recognise that different healthcare specialties have distinct target audiences and marketing needs. Our agency offers tailored strategies and campaigns designed specifically for various sectors within the healthcare industry, whether it’s recruiting nurses for hospitals, acquiring residents for care homes, or promoting specialised services such as elderly community care or mental health facilities.

Comprehensive Digital
Marketing Expertise

From search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to digital media marketing and content creation, our agency offers a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services tailored to the needs of care businesses. We leverage the latest tools, technologies, and best practices to maximise our clients’ online presence and reach their target audiences effectively.

Data-driven Approach
to Optimisation

We prioritise data-driven decision-making and continuous optimisation to ensure the success of our customer acquisition campaigns. Through thorough analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics, we refine our strategies and tactics to maximise ROI and drive sustainable growth for our clients in the healthcare sector.

Dedicated Support and Collaboration

Our agency believes in fostering strong partnerships with our clients, providing dedicated support and collaboration throughout every stage of the customer acquisition process. From initial strategy development to ongoing campaign management and reporting, we work closely with care businesses to understand their goals, address their concerns, and deliver results that exceed expectations.

Having worked closely with Social Media 92 last year on increasing our social profile in the run up to a major industry event, it was great to have an indepentant mind contributing to allow best strategy and allocation of resources around our media/social spend.

Ian Stone - UK Industry Events

"We wanted to enhance our existing, high-quality social media support by partnering with a collaborative organisation that would proactively manage our social media presence. Social Media 92 have consistently provided us with innovative content, ideas, and toolkits on a timely basis which has significantly enhanced our social media campaigns and engagement in our community."

John Walsh - Right at Home Brentwood

"Social Media 92 are outstanding at what they do. Helped us as a business engage, attract and place hard to fill positions within a client's organisation, but most importantly represented themselves as a partner to our business tremendously... would highly recommend."

Alexandar Marsh - Marsh Farmer

"Overall, the quality of the leads we get from Facebook in comparison to other sites have been a lot better. We’re able to ask questions around do they live locally, do they drive and really drill down into specifics such as post codes which has been a lot more helpful in getting a good quality leads come through.""

Lucy McCormack (Bluebird Care Essex)

"For a business owner, social media is the way forward. There's a lot of old-fashioned ways of doing things and I think this is replacing it now, and what better company than Social Media 92 to be able to work with and do that... I'd recommend Social Media 92 to anyone wanting to improve their presence online."

Paul Tiltman - Kare Plus Ashford

"Social Media 92 have been integral to the smooth running of our social media campaigns throughout 2022 to date. The 'on-the-ball' attitude, approachable demeanour, reliability and to consistency have made working with Social Media 92 a real pleasure. We feel confident that our campaigns and our online presence are in safe hands as the team offer clear guidance and a dedicated service, all of which have been so valuable to our business. Thank you, Social Media 92, for all your hard work and commitment."

Georgia Cooling - Bluebird Care

"I worked with Social Media 92 for 16 months in a ‘franchised business where social media was key to the success of our franchisees business. They are very creative and accordingly kept our campaigns fresh and innovative. I would highly recommend engaging with Social Media 92 for any social media support or marketing in general."

David Street - Director at Kare Plus

“The guys at Social Media 92 are absolutely fantastic. Nothing is too much trouble and they’re always available no matter what time of the day. I was really impressed with the service provided by Josh and his team at Social Media 92.”

Carrie Short - Hunters

"Healthcare 92's presentation, supported by a pilot scheme in which was ran in a franchise owned branch showed the results that can be achieved with the use of social media. Since then I have recommended them to a number of local business in Newcastle who have already implemented their services"

Manish Duggal, SureCare Newcastle & North Tyneside

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