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December recruitment drop-off. Why we recommend that you DON’T go with the flow.

In the healthcare industry, it’s commonly understood that there can be a drop off in recruitment during December. While other companies could see this as a negative and a reason to pull back on their budgets, at Healthcare 92, we see it as a great opportunity to target more potential leads and increase the size of your budget!

The thing is, since everybody else has pulled back on their recruitment budget, they have left the window open to let you advertise your company to a wider audience with less competition. It’s like turning on the TV and having one long advert for a single company between shows; people will notice you!

Your exposure can be massively increased during this time, meaning you can see a great deal of improvement (or at least a lack of decline) in both regular and retargeting campaigns. Even if some people don’t apply for jobs, you are still increasing your brand exposure, which can be equally as important for gaining both new recruits and also gaining new customers!

We know and understand that people focus on family, Christmas and shopping at this time of year, but that is all the more reason for you to keep your budget up. People are on their phones a lot, checking up on family, having the kids home from school and doing online shopping! We think that pulling back on recruitment during this time is a big missed opportunity! Take advantage of the naturally increased attention that phones and social media will be getting, while much of your competition is holding back. We’ve all heard the line “New Year, New Me”, but this idea can greatly benefit you! People are thinking about what they want to change, whether they are actually happy in their job and how they might go about changing their situation. Take advantage!

If you do still want to reduce your campaigns in the first few weeks of December, that can still be a smart move, but don’t reduce your campaign spending. Instead, what you don’t spend in the first few weeks, put into the last week of December. Most people will be home and on their phones during this time, it is prime for recruitment! Having a massive boost of recruitment focused campaigns during this time, and even the start of January, allows you to start the new year with momentum, instead of having to cold-start the recruitment machine after New Year’s day has already come and gone and people have gone back to work.

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