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When creating your own social media content, knowing how to strike the right balance is important.

You need to make content that your audience will engage with and learn from, but also content they will actually see and pay attention to. How do you achieve this? We think that finding a balance of quality and quantity is important!

Quality is the most important factor. People will continue to engage with your brand if they see quality in your content. So, really think about what you’re creating! Does it relate to your brand? Does it make sense? Is it something you would stop and read if it came up on your feed? Is all your spelling and grammar correct? These are all things you need to think about before you post your content. Visuals are everything! Make sure you include quality videos or images to entice the viewer in.

How many posts do you think would be the right amount to post daily?

Research suggests that posting around five times a week on Facebook could be the optimum amount, certainly no more than one post a day. This is because a regular drip feed of posts keeps your brand consistently showing up when people are scrolling through their social media, whereas posting two bits of content a day can make Facebook’s algorithm less likely to show both posts and only show one. This leads to both posts performing worse than if you had only made one post!


We also wouldn’t recommend going below five a week either, because your social media posts can help with your search engine placements. Using keywords that people search for online in your posts can increase the chance that somebody will stumble across your content without even being on social media, giving your brand more exposure!

It’s worth noting that five posts a week is optimal for Facebook but this could range for other social media platforms so make sure to do your own research first!

Posting at least five times a week also increases your audience’s knowledge of your brand. Posting too much can make people tune out, but posting too little can simply leave people in the dark. Five times a week is a very happy medium where people will still find your content interesting while getting a good amount of information from your posts too! The closer you are to your audience, the better.

Another good reason to not reside yourself to fewer posts is that it helps you learn more about your audience. You can see what works well for engagement. What do people like? When do they leave the most comments? Do they like to share their opinion? These are all questions that you can get accurate, first-hand information about through your own posts.

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