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Meta Marketing Partners (formerly Facebook Marketing Partners) are companies that Facebook have verified as being experts at marketing. Facebook themselves vet these companies with tests to make sure that they are experienced in specific fields, such as running ads, engaging with customers and selling products.

It essentially allows you to sit back and let a team of verified experts handle your social media presence and recruitment.

Some of these features may be more applicable to your business than others, but these additional features still may be of use to you, even if you don’t know it. For example, being able to engage with customers could work, as engaging with new and potential employees (something we specialise in), is a reliable way of speeding up your recruitment process and at a significantly lower price per lead.

Using a Meta Marketing Partner, such as ourselves, allows you to focus your time and effort on the quality of your own services without the headache of directly managing recruitment, knowing that you will be getting a processed and clear list of relevant recruits. All the time wasting that comes from reading through a CV just to find out that they don’t fit your criteria is removed.

Meta Marketing Partners can interact directly with Facebook users from your branded social media account, while still giving you the choice of how you want your company’s voice to sound. This means that they can manage your comments, your messages and schedule specifically tailored posts, which you still retain the power to approve before they go online!

There are no real downsides to hiring a Meta Marketing Partner, you keep your control while allowing a team of experts to manage your online accounts, record your interactivity rates, talk directly to potential recruits and weed out those that aren’t right for you!

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