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We all know what a brand is. It is the face of your company, something that unifies all branches of your business. But unity cannot be achieved without consistency! But why is it so important?

First we must look at the opposite. Why is brand inconsistency bad? Imagine if a company whose logo was a green lion started to post captions with images that included a purple giraffe. The first thought might be “oh, these guys clearly don’t care too much about their own presentation”, or “hmm, this just seems off” and it takes the credibility of the posts away. Clearly this is a strange, hypothetical situation, but the message is the same! From the images, to the logo placements, to the fonts used. If everything is all over the place across your social media platforms, people will notice and it will take credibility away.

Building a clearly recognisable brand builds trust. Eventually it can get to a point where a brand is synonymous with a product, like “Coca-cola” or “Pepsi” and cola flavoured drinks. You aren’t confused about the quality or the contents of a “Pepsi”, because the brand has been built and the trust that it will deliver a certain product is there!

The ideal goal is to get to that point; where your brand is synonymous with the product or service that you deliver to your customers. Consistency is key here, as you can’t easily build trust in your product or service without consistency.

The more consistent you are in how your brand is represented, the more recognisable the brand is. The more recognised your brand is, the more reliably you are perceived. This can be crucial to developing a relationship with your customer, making them less likely to move to a different provider!

As you can tell, brand consistency is extremely important, not only for attracting new customers by being the first name that comes to their head when it comes to your product or service, but also when it comes to retaining those customers. If you deliver a solid service to your customer once, and keep your brand consistent, you will be at the top of their list the next time they require that service.

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