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You may have heard that localised content is important for your social media presence.

But what does “localised content” actually mean, and why is it so important? This article will give you some examples of personalised content and explore the reasons why using organic content can boost your performance!

What is localised content? Localised content is personal to you and your intended audience. Whether it involves local people, locations or events, localised content usually resonates with your audience more and as a result, often provides more interaction!

As the saying goes, “first impressions count”. One benefit of localised content is catching the attention of new customers. If somebody new comes across your page, a good way for you to show you are an approachable and friendly business is by having a vast amount of localised content. It can also be a great way to quickly build trust if you do it right. This might be the first time that somebody interacts with your brand, so you want your first impression to be a good one.

Testimonials are fantastic too as they can serve two purposes; impressing potential customers and enticing new employees. A testimonial can be from the point of view of a previous customer, or from a current employee through a platform like Indeed. Either way, a positive testimonial is never a bad first impression!

Another benefit of localised content is increased engagement! Posts such as wishing an employee happy birthday, or congratulating them on a work anniversary, often get a good amount of engagement on platforms like Facebook. Not only do the employees like the posts and comment on them far more than they do with other kinds of posts (which already drives up performance), but friends and family of the person you tag will also see the post! This means that again, people will engage with your page that might not normally do so.

Localised content can still be a great recruitment tool!

When new people see your page pop up on their feed, and they see that your business is one that openly congratulates its employees, they will get the impression that your company is a good, positive place to work. It shows that you care about your employees! This is not something that you should ever keep quiet about.


Other ideas for localised content that could achieve this same effect are posting pictures from any events that your employees take part in, like a Christmas party, or having an employee of the month program that you post online! Not only are these posts still good for engagement, but they are also very attractive to people who might be looking for a new job! Remember, people who see your job adverts will check your social media to see how you represent yourself as a business. You want them to come away from doing that with more interest in applying!

You could also think about:

  • Community news
  • New starters
  • Awards
  • Pictures from training sessions
  • Gifts / cards / presents from clients
  • Good news stories (New baby, staff doing something for charity, new office dog, etc)
  • Local recruitment days/fairs/fates


So there are some ideas for localised content, as well as some reasons why it’s so important. Does it all feel a bit clearer now? We hope so!

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